Philip HuntLines.be is the Portfolio website for Between The Lines sprl/bvba, a bespoke journalism, writing and communications outfit founded by Philip Hunt in Brussels in 1990.

I’m an established freelance writer and journalist based (mostly) in Brussels. I’ve written extensively on EU politics and programmes over the years, as well as for many of the leading names in business and industry.

The content here gives a view of my journalism and communication capabilities, and lists some of the clients for whom I’ve worked. Ninety-nine per cent of my customers are very happy with the content and the messages that I have developed for them.

If you want to see further examples of my work, see my online magazine at shoeman.eu/, or the website I run for the Brussels chapter of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) at www.nujcec.org/brussels/. I also tweet using the handle @shoemaneu.

Contact me

  • Email:  admin(at)lines.be 
  • Mobile (Belgium): +32 484 361336
  • Mobile (UK): +44 7929 208493
  • Twitter: @shoemaneu
  • Google: “Philip Hunt Brussels” works well.

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